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Twice Upon a Time (1983)


Marshall Erwin Efron
Synonamess Botch
James Cranna
Rod Rescueman/Scuzzbopper
Julie Payne
Flora Fauna
Hamilton Camp
Paul H. Frees
Bailiff, Chief of Stage, Judges, Narrator
Judith Kahan
Fairy Godmother
Larry Green
Rusher of Din - Sleeper
William Hall
Rusher of Din - Sleeper
Geoff Hoyle
Rusher of Din - Man in Elevator
J.E. Freeman
Rusher of Din - Pool Player
Elizabeth Saxon
Rusher of Din - Woman on Beach
Sue Murphy
Rusher of Din - File Clerk
Nancy Fish
Rusher of Din - Woman Under Dryer
Charles Dorsett
Rusher of Din - Man at Amusement Park


Charles Swenson
Director, Screenwriter
Jennifer Gallagher
Director, Editor
John Korty
Director, Screen Story, Screenwriter
Bill Couturie
Producer, Screen Story, Screenwriter
Suella Kennedy
Screen Story
Bruce Hornsby
Dr. Tom Ferguson
Michael McDonald
Harley Jessup
Art Director
George Lucas
Executive Producer
David Fincher
Special Effects
Brian Narelle
Consultant/advisor, Animator