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Turk 182! (1985)
by Derek Armstrong review

Charismatic performances carry this odd little story of underdogs and public disobedience above mere throwaway status. Turk 182! may be unusual subject matter for a Hollywood film, but it's structured almost like an action movie, with interludes of graffiti and public protest staged as taut moments of danger. Especially silly, yet surprisingly exciting, is the prolonged finale, in which Timothy Hutton's character must dodge gunfire while trying to transform an anniversary dedication fastened to the side of the Queensborough Bridge into his trademark slogan. His improbable crusade teeters between contagious and ridiculous, with the former winning out due to Bob Clark's effectively rousing execution. Kim Cattrall reteams with Clark a few years after achieving notoriety for her role in Porky's, only this time she gets to be sweet and utterly captivating -- a significant upgrade from her carnal howling in that movie. Robert Urich is also a likeable prankster type as the fireman in traction, in one of his few film roles. Turk 182! may come up in conversation more as a funny title to recall from the 1980s than on its own merits, but it does have a giddy momentum that rubs off enough for an enjoyable viewing.