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Truth or Dare (1991)
by Brendon Hanley review

Madonna is at her most outrageous in Truth or Dare, a documentary that reveals a lot about the star and her world, almost in spite of herself. The film follows the singer's "Blonde Ambition" tour, and for much of the trip, the singer is in master-manipulator mode. Director Alek Keshishian subjects her to prolonged exposure, however, allowing the gears behind her public persona to begin to show. Her fascinating struggle to present a front at all times makes for some of the movie's most interesting moments, the most infamous being then-boyfriend Warren Beatty's facetious query, "Why say anything if it's not on camera?" In this respect, Truth is something of a sociological treatise on the disease of anonymity. Keshishian's straightforward style allows a number of readings: he may flatter The Material Girl, but he also manages to do something much more complicated and engaging.