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The Stupids (1996)
by Craig Butler review

The Stupids isn't stupid; it's dreadful. It's also dull, unamusing and downright irritating. It's the kind of film about which stating that Jessica Lundy manages to occasionally threaten to produce something resembling the start of a teeny little smile is about the pinnacle of praise. Film students will also find something of some minimal interest by attempting to identify the famous directors (including Costa-Gavras, David Cronenberg, Robert Wise and Norman Jewison) that pop up in cameos along the excruciatingly long way from the first frame to the final flicker. Perhaps some viewers can also get some distraction by wondering how Christopher Lee and Bob (Captain Kangaroo) Keeshan were shanghai-ed into participating. Otherwise, one is left to contemplate whether it's really possible that Tom Arnold is truly as awful as he seems to be in Stupids, or to wonder whether director John Landis has an evil (and monumentally untalented) twin that is actually responsible for the work on display here. Not even the kind of bad movie that one can laugh at rather than with, Stupids is simply a waste of time.