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The Seniors (1978)
by Fred Beldin review

Radical feminists and enlightened males beware, The Seniors is a witless college sex comedy that packs more casual sexism into 87 minutes than most he-man woman haters can manage in a lifetime. It's true that the movie is an obscure drive-in time-filler, hardly in any position to shape attitudes or wield influence, but for those seeking proof of man's inhumanity to women, this is an excellent place to begin your thesis. The Seniors isn't the first sex comedy to adopt a juvenile view of females for the enjoyment of a male audience, but it's a particularly egregious example without any wit or satire behind its chauvinism. The film's female characters are naïve at best, stupid at worst and each are helpless slaves to their lust for men, while the male protagonists are celebrated for their deceit and control. The cast features many familiar character actors from TV sitcoms and Disney films, plus a young Dennis Quaid in an embarrassing early leading role. Director Rodney Amateau was responsible for the notorious television failure My Mother, the Car and later followed The Seniors with an even more baffling ethical nightmare called The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, which teaches young children the virtues of sweatshop labor with jaunty songs and deformed midgets.