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The Power (1968)
by Craig Butler review

At times, The Power seems like a science fiction film created by a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock movies. Indeed, the main body of the film is about an innocent man escaping pursuers while trying to sort out who the real enemy is, a situation frequently exploited by Hitchcock. Along the way there are several other plot points that echo the master (a carousel sequence that recalls Strangers on a Train, the "hide in plain sight" ploy, etc.) Unfortunately, these sequences don't have the impact that they want to; they form the main body of the film rather than being important components in a larger scheme. Still, Power is reasonably entertaining, and it features some genuine chills and enough plot twists to keep viewers interested. Director Byron Haskin keeps things moving, and there is an occasional small visual flourish. George Hamilton is adequate in the lead role, although he is not totally believable as a brilliant scientist (nor, for that matter, is most of the cast). Suzanne Phleshette brings some life and character to her underwritten role and Michael Rennie is good in a small part. Very much a product of the 1960s, Power is okay but nothing more.