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The People That Time Forgot (1977)
by Donald Guarisco review

This engaging sequel to The Land That Time Forgot is good, solid fun in the pulp tradition. Like its predecessor, The People That Time Forgot harkens back to the days of serial cliffhangers with a script that mixes fantasy and science-fiction motifs into a straightforward adventure-story plot structure that puts a focus on thrills. The viewer doesn't have an opportunity to get bored because there's some sort of excitement happening every ten minutes. It also helps that the cast is a lively bunch: Patrick Wayne delivers the kind of machismo required to make his square-jawed hero character work, Sarah Douglas is both witty and resilient as his feminine foil and Thorley Walters offers an amusing turn as a professor who discovers his inner adventurer while tagging along. It is also worth noting that pop singer Dana Gillespie makes for tremendous eye candy as a primitive woman who helps the heroes. Director Kevin Connor lives up to the film's serial antecedents by keeping his pacing tight and mustering up all the budget-conscious spectacle he can muster (it's worth mentioning that the special effects are much improved from the prior film, even though the dinosaurs still aren't always convincing). He also allows a bit of humor to shine through without allowing the film to devolve into campiness: a good example is the amusing "battle of the sexes"-themed bantering between Wayne and Douglas that Connor uses to punctuate the narrative between thrills. In short, The People That Time Forgot is a fun popcorn-muncher and worth a look to anyone interested in an old-fashioned fusion of fantasy and adventure.