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The Opposite of Sex (1998)
by Rachel Deahl review

From first-time director Don Roos comes this witty dramedy about family, sex, and surviving both of them. Emerging as a viable leading lady, Christina Ricci stars as the white trash heroine, Dedee Truitt, who appears at the doorstep of her gay stepbrother (Martin Donovan) and goes about turning his life upside down by stealing his sweet boyfriend (Ivan Sergei) and enraging the embittered woman who's in love with him (Lisa Kudrow). Equipped with a razor-sharp screenplay, The Opposite of Sex smartly handles the touchy subject of homophobia with winning humor and originality. In addition to Ricci's nuanced turn, Kudrow also shines as the lonely Lucia, making audiences take notice of the fact that her range might extend beyond the dippy presence she provides as Phoebe on NBC's long-running Friends.