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The Last Warrior (2000)
by Buzz McClain review

This Israeli production looks great, with enough convincing production values on the screen to justify a rental, particularly for Dolph Lundgren fans. But the story is insultingly silly, and the characterizations are far too comical to give the action aspects of the film any dramatic weight -- Mad Max meets Gilligan's Island sums it up. At one point the baddest bad guy, Jesus (Juliano Mer), makes a screaming speech about ruling the world just as he's ready to electrocute square-jawed hero Nick Preston (Lundgren) while hundreds of bloodthirsty inmates watch on closed-circuit televisions. When his speech is done and the roar of the crowd dies down, he whispers in Preston's ear, "A little arch, I know, but good TV." It's a funny line, but it's ridiculous at the same time, which can be said for the movie at large. The action set piece at the end is not bad, but viewers witnessing the pyrotechnics have to wonder: where are the helicopters and airplanes from the mainland after the earthquake?