The Invisible Power (1914)

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House Peters and Irene Rich star in this routine crime drama about an ex-con's reformation. When Sid Chambers (Peters) gets out of prison, he finds his friend and fellow crook, Bob Drake (Sydney Ainsworth), very ill. He takes him to the country to recuperate, and they board with the Millers (William Friend and Gertrude Claire). One of the other boarders is Laura Chadwick, the village school teacher (Rich), and Chambers falls in love with her. Because he openly confesses his past, Laura is willing to leave it behind and marry him. They settle down not far from where he gained notoriety, and Chambers proceeds to earn an honest living. Drake, however, isn't so upstanding and he gets involved in a diamond heist. Detective Mark Shadwell (DeWitt C. Jennings) gets on the case and believes -- wrongly -- that Drake is involved. He has the innocent man arrested on an old charge and sent to prison. Laura is afraid that the child she is about to have will be negatively influenced by a jailbird father, so she gives it up for adoption. Upon his release from prison, the embittered Chambers swears to get Shadwell. Laura goes to the detective's home to warn him of her husband's plans. There, she finds her child -- the Shadwells are the ones who adopted it. As a result of this discovery, the family is reunited and Chambers is put back on the right track.