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The Buttercup Chain (1970)
by Craig Butler review

Because The Buttercup Chain was made in 1970, it holds a bit more interest than it would had it been made a decade before or after. At this point in time, American films were very much in a transition, as filmmakers tried to come to grips with changes in both the social/cultural fabric of the United States and recent technological advances. As a result, many movies were made that, while they were really not particularly good movies, have a certain fascination because of their reflection of the times; they seem to "imprint" their filmmakers' personalities onto them, often unconsciously. This is the case with Buttercup, a film which at heart is nothing more than a tedious soap opera, but which is presented in a very 1970's time-shifting mode and which features trendy camera angles and fairly generous amounts of flesh (for a non-pornographic movie). It gets more than a bit precious and pretentious, with all sorts of empty spouting about meanings of life, etc., and none of it is very persuasive. But the general atmosphere does have a certain fascination. The cast is amiable but not outstanding; certainly, they can't make the arch and often annoying dialogue ring true. Definitely not a very good film, Buttercup is still worth a look for those who like soap opera and are ready for having it presented in a slightly different fashion.