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The Brothers Grimm (2005)
by Perry Seibert review

Incoherent and dull, Terry Gilliam's The Brothers Grimm feels like it was edited by someone who was never given access to the shooting script. After an interesting setup that offers some very funny moments from Matt Damon, the film bogs down, losing track of the story and seeming like it has no interest in returning to it anytime in particular. This might be excusable if Gilliam's visual imagination could fill the gap, but the vast majority of the film seems to take place in the same dreary outdoor location, whose nooks and crannies become overly familiar to the viewer fairly quickly. Instead of bringing back fond memories of the best aspects of Time Bandits or The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, the miscalculation that is The Brothers Grimm recalls another infuriating film that ransacked the audience's collective memory of beloved characters, Stephen Sommers' atrocious Van Helsing.