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Swing Fever (1943)
by Craig Butler review

Taken from the bottom drawer of MGM's musical bureau, Swing Fever is a dull, silly musical that is of interest mostly to fans of Kay Kyser and Lena Horne. It should be pointed out immediately, however, that Horne is only in the film for one number, an attractive but undistinguished Sammy Fain-Micthell Parish ditty called "You're So Indifferent" that Horne builds into a bluesy treat. Kyser and his band have several swing numbers which come off quite well, with Marilyn Maxwell providing pleasant vocals. But between the numbers, there's a ridiculous story with lame dialogue and jokes that fall flatter and flatter as the show goes on. Kyser is no actor, and he's equally inept as a comedian, despite the filmmakers' attempts to paint him as one. The physical production is good, as expected of even the studio's lesser efforts, and Tim Whelan, Sr.'s direction at least tries to find humor in the proceedings, even if it often falls short of its goals.