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Splatter University (1984)
by Fred Beldin review

This slasher cash-in was an early release from the exploitation renegades at Troma, and while it isn't as outrageous as the sleaze and gore comedies the company is know for today, a variety of typical hallmarks abound. The teenage miscreants that form the pool of victims are an over-the-top collection of arrogant, amoral delinquents played broadly for comedy, though the laughs are negligible. The general disdain for good taste and hyper-cheap production values are all in evidence as well, though the ersatz gore effects are nasty enough to overcome their obviousness. Ultimately, the bone-headed plotting and half-hearted execution of Splatter University fails at horror, though the all-pervasive idiocy of the characters and the film's generally unpleasant attitude will satisfy those with mean streaks of their own.