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Son of Paleface (1952)
by Craig Butler review

Many consider Son of Paleface to be superior to the film to which it is a sequel -- and with good reason: whatever other differences there may or may not be, Son is funnier than the original, and funnier in a zanier way. The "wackiness" factor probably will determine whether one prefers Son to its "father;" director Frank Tashlin's outlandish, quite distinctive directorial touch may not be up everyone's alley. But those who go in for the former animator's wild inventiveness will find Son a field day. Certainly, Bob Hope, Jane Russell and Roy Rogers seem to have responded to Tashlin's direction. The three stars turn in some of their "free-est" performances. Hope is a natural for this approach, and a flexible enough comedian to see how he can mold his well-defined comic persona to fit with the director's vision. But Russell and Rogers are the surprises, each of them taking to the daffy approach like ducks to water, while still remaining "true" to themselves. The gags run the gamut from inspired to groan-inducing, but they all fit into the proceedings smoothly. There are also some diverting musical numbers, a fine supporting cast and a great fade-out. Enjoy!