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Solarbabies (1986)
by Jeremy Wheeler review

A post apocalyptic flick for the kiddies, 1986's Solarbabies is a fanciful trip through nostalgia for some, and a slam-bam hunk of junk for those unrealistic souls looking for a bit more in their post-nuke roller skating flicks. No matter what audience it plays to, this sci-fi yarn is immediately alluring because of its cast, with Jami Gertz and Jason Patric palling around just a year before they steamed up the screen in The Lost Boys, never mind the appearance of a young Lucas Haas or Richard Jordan in yet another juicy villainous role. All in all, the whole flick is a pretty silly trip through '80s culture; with the presence of roller skates never really folded thoroughly into the slim plot. On the plus side, at least one magnificent killer robot makes an appearance, which in some people's boat, is just enough to warrant a guilt-ridden viewing.