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So Well Remembered (1947)
by Craig Butler review

So Well Remembered is certainly not so well remembered by modern audiences, and there's no particular reason that it should be. While definitely not a bad film, it is also by no means a classic; rather, Remembered is one of those "in the middle" films that is an easy enough film to watch but which doesn't linger long in the memory. That's not to say that there are no memorable aspects to the film, however; the cast, for example, is strong. In the lad role, John Mills is his usual captivating self. Mills is exceptionally British here, which is exactly what the film calls for, and he handles the character's modulations between what is right and what is asked of him with great skill. As his ambitious and destructive wife, Martha Scott is far more than capable, and handles her ultimately unlikeable character with distinction. And Trevor Howard is quietly impressive as the doctor. Edward Dmytryk's direction is at its best in the quieter moments when he has a chance to gently explore his characters, but it gets a bit artificial when things move into high emotional gear and he's unable to keep the film from veering into soap opera. Pacing is also a problem, with much of the film dragging. Though it has its flaws, the contributions of the cast go a long way here.