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Sleep with Me (1994)
by Michael Costello review

Rory Kelly's largely forgettable indie has a talented cast and some bright moments. A loose collection of scenes which track the social gatherings of a vaguely arty, underemployed group of twenty-to-thirtysomethings, the film is held together by the increasingly disruptive obsession of Craig Sheffer with the wife (Meg Tilly) of his best friend (Eric Stoltz), and has the look and feel of something written and thrown together in a few weeks, which seems to have been the case. Since the heavy fog surrounding the three main characters and the meaning of their behavior renders them snooze-worthy from beginning to end, viewers must look elsewhere for diversion. One place is the deadpan comic riffing of Duane (Todd Field) on the rigors of married life, and another is the sly Athena (Parker Posey), whose disruption of the macho mystique of a poker game is one of the film's high points. The Quentin Tarantino character's hilarious analysis of Top Gun is already notorious enough to warrant further mention, and the film is perhaps best summed by Duane: "You know, sometimes I feel like we just have too much time on our hands."