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Shine On, Harvest Moon (1944)
by Hans J. Wollstein review

Nora Bayes and Jack Norworth may be legendary Broadway and vaudeville headliners but their rise to fame was probably not as black-and-white as Shine on Harvest Moon leads you to believe. The idea that one man could control all the nation's vaudeville circuits and thus bar such talented performers is ludicrous on the face of it but the unwieldy story is merely a carefree excuse for Warner Bros. to trot out a catalogue of Norworth songs performed by Dennis Morgan, Ann Sheridan (who was "ghosted" by Lynn Martin), Irene Manning, Jack Carson, and Marie Wilson. The latter two take care of "So Dumb But So Beautiful," a comic ditty composed for the occasion by M.K. Jerome and Kim Gannon. The climaxing production number, in Technicolor, remains a rousing tribute to the title song, with chorus girls decked out as various legumes added for instant camp value.