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Romasanta (2004)
by Jeremy Wheeler review

There's something about period werewolf movies that have attracted quality independent productions over the years, which Romasanta (or Werewolf Hunter under it's cheesy DVD title) can now join its esteemed ranks. This Filmax production details a serial killer that might or might not have been some sort of werewolf. While this scenario doesn't quite make for any jolly good Howling-esque beast action, there's still enough juicy violence and gripping shocks to warrant the holy horror stamp of approval. Rich with deep blacks and amber hues, the production is sumptuous to take in, which is no doubt aided by the fine and subtle costume- and set-work that has fleshed the film out. And while Julian Sands isn't quite known for his thespian chops, he's almost iconic in this role, which makes it a bit sad that the final product will most likely be passed over on the DVD racks in the States. With a stunning leading lady in Elsa Pataky and a wolf-to-man transformation scene like no other, the film feels fresh and doesn't at all end up underwhelming the viewer by the end. Director Paco Plaza has crafted an impressive production that promises good things to come, which is the case with many of his country's genre contemporaries, making Spain somewhat of a hotbed of exciting talent around this time.