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Rocky Mountain (1950)
by Craig Butler review

Although it stars Errol Flynn, Rocky Mountain is a late career film and consequently has a much lower budget than is usually associated with the legendary dashing star. Perhaps because of its programmer status, Rocky has received little attention, but it's actually an interesting Western. For one thing, it's a claustrophobic piece, with most of the action taking place in one circumscribed location. For another, there's an air of world weariness that hangs over much of the film, which would become more common in later Westerns but is not so usual for 1950. Finally, Rocky has a decidedly downbeat ending, with Flynn and his compadres getting massacred by Indians -- and Flynn coming nowhere near getting the girl. As may be obvious from the above, this role is also a departure for Flynn. There's no real derring-do here; indeed, his character is not even really a hero, more of an opportunist who turns out to have more noble feelings buried underneath. The actor's work is actually quite good here; getting to forego the swashbuckling style, Flynn lets the audience see his character as somewhat beaten down. The actor doesn't seem entirely comfortable doing this, but that discomfort adds a layer to his characterization. His love interest, Patrice Wymore and her beloved, Scott Forbes, are not especially memorable, but the supporting cast, led by a young and slender Slim Pickens, shine. And the two big action set pieces are excellent.