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Riders of the Deadline (1943)
by Hans J. Wollstein review

In only his first full year in films, Robert Mitchum exhibited all the trademarks that would make him one of Hollywood's most durable stars: the tough voice, the sleepy eyes narrowing dangerously, and the feeling of underlying brutality. This early on, of course, Mitchum was all too easily defeated by the likes of William Boyd but few bought the act and he was clearly destined for something better than merely playing Anthony Warde's henchman. Richard Crane, television's future Rocky Jones, Space Ranger, is not nearly as promising, however, nor, truth be told, is Bennett Cohen's script, which borrows heavily from Republic Pictures' earlier The Desert Bandit (1941), a Donald Barry Western penned, not too surprisingly, by Cohen himself. An average Cassidy entry, Riders of the Deadline benefits from the usual picturesque Lone Pine locations but exactly where on the Texas-Mexican border can one observe snowcapped peaks?