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Point of No Return (1993)
by Derek Armstrong review

They should have called it Pointless of No Return, Point of No Getting Your Money Back, La Faux Nikita, or any number of other titles that would have advised unsuspecting audiences to stay away. Those who rallied around Luc Besson's surprise 1990 hit La Femme Nikita may be especially disgusted, but this remake should offend the sensibilities of just about any smart filmgoer. Point of No Return might actually be less disreputable if it were just another cookie-cutter action movie, but the fact that it deadens a slick concept into an exercise of mundane acting and writing is what makes it a true travesty. Bridget Fonda pouts and prevaricates in a way consistent with her range, which is not really saying much. As an actress, she's so wholesome that it's impossible to fathom her as a foul-mouthed punk. Gabriel Byrne sleepwalks through another elusive stranger role, and Harvey Keitel is almost non-vocal as the Cleaner, making it a peculiar misuse of his talents indeed. And this is to say nothing of the utterly wooden Dermot Mulroney. In too many ways to enumerate, Point of No Return is a shoddy enterprise, rarely believable and never thrilling. After 20 generally solid years of directing, John Badham really seems to be losing it. He would follow up this turkey with the equally sorry duo of Drop Zone and Nick of Time.