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Pick a Star (1937)
by Hans J. Wollstein review

Despite a moderately funny routine by Laurel and Hardy and the usual Hal Roach scene stealers (Lyda Roberti, Jack Norton, James Finlayson, et al.), Pick a Star is memorable mainly for a priceless scene in which wolfish cinema star Mischa Auer shows naïve Rosina Lawrence his "collection of Hindu artifacts." Auer makes the most of the opportunity -- including the mention of a German director whose name is mainly a series of sound effects -- and Lawrence plays the straight woman (or should it be "straight girl"?) to wide-eyed perfection. The latter also performs several renditions of Alexander Anderson's lilting title tune, including the rather overproduced closing number, but Pick a Star belongs squarely to Auer, a master of eccentric character comedy.