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Partners of the Plains (1938)
by Hans J. Wollstein review

Penned by Harrison Jacobs, Partners of the Plains is yet another variation of The Taming of the Shrew, but as played by William Boyd and Gwen Gaze the familiar conflict works at least most of the way. Although perhaps not the radiant beauty that the dialogue seems to suggest, Gaze emerges as a competent actress and her scenes with Boyd's steely Hopalong Cassidy actually adds a whole new dimension to the familiar character. Due to the plot constrains, this is one of the least pictorially exciting in the Hopalong series but director Lesley Selander stages the almost obligatory noisy climax with his usual dexterity and eye for detail. Partners of the Plains was produced in the interim between the departure of George "Gabby" Hayes and the arrival of Andy Clyde but the ubiquitous comedy relief role is more than adequately filled by the rotund Harvey Clark. Clark, in fact, becomes the target of perhaps the cutest sight gag of the entire series when the uncouth ranch hand dons his nightshirt for a dinner invitation specifying "evening clothes."