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One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing (1975)
by Craig Butler review

A tremendously silly piece of fluff, One of Our Dinosaurs Is Missing would seem to be one of the cases where an author thought up a catchy title and the struggled to find a plot to build around it. Certainly the plot of Dinosaurs doesn't feel particularly well put together, with plenty of extraneous sequences and with the "real" plot simply too loose. The dialogue is also not exactly on the winning team, although one doesn't really expect brilliant conversation in most children's films. Children will probably like Dinosaurs, as they'll laugh at the pratfalls and the silliness of it all and not worry about its sometimes-incoherence and dull dialogue. The cast is good, at least, which does help quite a bit. Peter Ustinov's performance is grossly over the top (and probably offensive to many), but it's undeniably lively and strange enough to be entertaining. Helen Hayes and Joan Sims are a delight, and Clive Revill adds a special little flavor to the proceedings. Director Robert Stevenson has done far better work elsewhere, but he certainly keeps it all moving along and handles it professionally, if without a great deal of inspiration.