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My Date With Drew (2003)
by Derek Armstrong review

My Date With Drew is a fun little experiment in no-budget moviemaking. With Brian Herzlinger so cutesy and smitten in the central role, he could have become irritating in no time flat, which would have killed a documentary that spends 95 minutes by his side. But his pluckiness comes across as charming, which is precisely how he convinces so many midlevel Hollywood hand-shakers to help him on his quest to meet Drew Barrymore. Whether or not Barrymore will materialize becomes the subject of actual suspense, especially as Herzlinger and his co-directors (Jon Gunn and Brett Winn) come tantalizingly close on several occasions. First and foremost a straight comedy, My Date With Drew accomplishes several other agendas that make it a useful addition to the list of films that satirize Hollywood networking -- however unwittingly. With each new lead they pursue, the filmmakers chart the serpentine chain of acquaintances with which they hope to link to Barrymore, using an almost "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" logic to their detective work. This simultaneously illustrates both the brusque ingenuity and pathetic desperation of those bent on accomplishing something in Tinseltown. In fact, the movie itself is a testament to the fact that Herzlinger, an out-of-work production assistant, has already made something out of nothing. Its sheer existence is a validation of his self-promotional shrewdness, whether he actually scores that dinner with Drew or not. Oh, and it's pretty enjoyable along the way, making for a sweet portrait of classically American determination.