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Mr. Skeffington (1944)


Bette Davis
"Fanny" Beatrice Trellis Skeffington
Claude Rains
Job Skeffington
Walter Abel
George Trellis
Richard Waring
Trippy Trellis
Jerome Cowan
Edward Morrison
Johnny Mitchell
Johnny Mitchell
Marjorie Riordan
Young Fanny
Robert Shayne
John Alexander
Jim Conderley
Peter Whitney
Chester Forbish
Bill Kennedy
Tom Stevenson
Rev. Hyslup
Halliwell Hobbes
Soames, Fanny's 1st Butler
Sylvia Arslan
Young Fanny at Age 10
Bunny Sunshine
Young Fanny at 5
Walter Kingsford
Dr. Melton
Molly Lamont
Miss Morris, Secretary
Ann Codee
French Modiste
Ann Doran
Marie, Nursemaid
Bess Flowers
Mrs. Thatcher
Crane Whitley
Louie, Speakeasy Owner
Creighton Hale
Casey, Employee
Cyril Ring
Perry Lanks
Edward Fielding
Justice of the Peace
Erskine Sanford
Dr. Fawcette
Frances Sage
Skeffington's First Secretary
Georgia Caine
Mrs. Newton
Gigi Perreau
Young Fanny at Age 25
Harry C. Bradley
The Rector
Joe Devlin
Boat Employee
John Vosper
Lelah Tyler
Mrs. Forbish
Mary Field
Mrs. Hyslup
Minerva Urecal
Woman in Beauty Shop
Regina Wallace
Mrs. Conderly
Richard Erdman
Western Union Boy
Sol (Saul) Gorss
Vera Lewis
Justice's Wife
William Forrest
Clinton, Fanny's 2nd Butler


Vincent Sherman
Julius J. Epstein
Producer, Screenwriter
Philip G. Epstein
Producer, Screenwriter
Book Author
Ernest Haller
Franz Waxman
Composer (Music Score)
Leo F. Forbstein
Musical Direction/Supervision
Ralph Dawson
Robert M. Haas
Production Designer
Jack L. Warner
Executive Producer
Fred MacLean
Set Designer
Costume Designer
Robert B. Lee
Sound/Sound Designer
James Leicester
Special Effects
Perc Westmore