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Moonstruck (1987)
by Rebecca Flint Marx review

The overused phrase "intoxicating romantic comedy" is undeniably accurate when applied to Moonstruck. The movie that gave Cher an Oscar, it is an unabashedly romantic affair, high on its own brand of wacky ethnicity and sage, voluptuous observations of love and human nature. Aside from being one of Norman Jewison's best-loved films, Moonstruck also featured several of its actors in some of the best performances of their screen careers. In particular, Nicolas Cage's portrayal of wolfish, one-handed Ronny endeared him to legions of female filmgoers who were charmed by his off-kilter charisma, while Cher's portrayal of the weary, practical Loretta established her as a movie star worth watching no matter what the quality of the movie. A great deal of Moonstruck's strength also came from the performances of its supporting actors, with Olympia Dukakis in particular providing gravity and dry wit as the Castorini family matriarch. Moonstruck is an enduring classic, one of the best "date" movies ever made.