Married in Haste (1919)

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The title to this lively light comedy came from the old saying "marry in haste, repent at leisure." Sam Morgan (Albert Ray) and Constance Winwood (Elinor Fair) are the couple who hastily marry, and Constance quickly discovers her new husband, although moneyed, is a terrible spendthrift. To teach him the value of a dollar, she convinces his executor, Downer (Thomas Jefferson), to cut off his funds without telling him. After Sam gets a number of checks returned, he has no choice but to go to work, and he finds a job as a janitor for a herring company. A Spaniard who knows no English arrives with a shipment of herring, but a crooked interpreter louses up the deal. Sam knows some Spanish, and as he's been fired from his job, he comes up with an idea. He convinces the Spaniard that he has money and buys his whole herring shipment with a bad check. But before it bounces, he gets a bigger check from the herring company that covers it and leaves him with a nice profit. Constance and Downer see that Sam has some business sense after all and return his fortune to him.