Mark of Cain (1916)

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Unbeknownst to his family, Temple (Mark Fenton) is a burglar. When the police come to arrest him, his son Dick (Lon Chaney) takes the blame and is sent to jail for five years. During that time his father dies and his mother (Lydia Y. Titus) disappears. When Dick is released, no one will hire him and finally, broke and miserable, he decides to drown himself in the river. But on the bridge he finds a young woman, Doris (Dorothy Phillips), who is about to jump as well. Her Uncle Jake (Gilmore Hammond) forces her to steal for him and she can't take it anymore. Instead of drowning themselves the two form a bond. Doris becomes a maid for the Wilsons (T.D. Crittenden and Gretchen Lederer), while Dick goes to work for John Graham (Frank Whitson), whose business serves as a front for criminal activities. Jake finds Doris and threatens to expose her unless she helps him rob the Wilsons; meanwhile, Graham is planning on robbing the same house, and makes Dick come along. The two groups of thieves converge on the Wilsons on the same night, and Graham and Jake are killed in the fracas. Before he dies, however, Graham exonerates Dick from any wrongdoing, and Dick meets the Wilsons' housekeeper, who turns out to be his mother. After the happy reunion, Dick marries Doris and they lead honest lives.