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Love in the Afternoon (1957)
by Brendon Hanley review

After a falling-out with writing partner Charles Brackett, the legendary Billy Wilder teamed with the talented Romanian writer I.A.L. Diamond for one of his best films, Love in the Afternoon. The film captured the sophisticated wit that would mark many of their future collaborations, including Some Like It Hot and The Apartment. Love has also been interpreted as a tribute to Wilder's hero and former colleague, director Ernst Lubitsch, and the presence of Gary Cooper in the lead role lends credence to that idea: he's basically reprising his role from Lubitsch's Bluebeard's Eighth Wife. The first of Wilder's pictures with Diamond, Love was one of three classics that Wilder released in 1957; the others were Spirit of St. Louis and Witness for the Prosecution.