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Invisible Mom (1995)
by Craig Butler review

A very dull kids' movie, Invisible Mom probably will entertain undemanding young audiences but will likely bore most adult viewers. At this point, it's hard to conceive of a really fresh angle that one can take in creating an "invisibility" movie; that's not to say it CAN'T be done, but most filmmakers are going to fall back on situations we've seen many times before, and that's what happens in Mom. It's painfully obvious where the film is going to go, and one is hardly ever surprised by what happens. It's a "connect the dots" script, and one can see the entire picture pretty well before one makes the first connection. Of course, this wouldn't matter so much if Mom were blessed with magnificent special effects. That's not the case; Mom was made very much on a budget, and the lack of money, compounded by a lack of creativity, results in ho-hum effects. Mom at least has a willing cast. Dee Wallace, Russ Tamblyn, Barry Livingston and the rest are not turning in their best work here, but they are solid and give the material as much punch as they can.