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Invisible Agent (1942)
by Bruce Eder review

Edwin L. Marin's Invisible Agent is an oddly schizophrenic film. The opening sequence involving Peter Lorre and Cedric Hardwicke looks almost like it's out of a Fritz Lang movie and plays that way as well, as do several later scenes involving either of the two actors. But in between, in the scenes involving Jon Hall and J. Edward Bromberg (in a part that Gene Lockhart would have played in a bigger budgeted production) and the rest of the cast, the film has the tone and mood of a very flaccid comedy spiced up with some amazing special effects. The effect would be almost numbing if Lorre weren't so effective as a dedicated, true believing Japanese agent, so that his work elevates the movie. Otherwise, there's all manner of ludicrous dialogue and a few eye-popping special effects to carry the ridiculous plot and some occasionally wretched acting.