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Intacto (2001)
by Todd Kristel review

Intacto is a stylish but empty film that seems too ponderous for such a silly story line. Writer/director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo does an impressive job of expressing his and co-writer Andres Koppel's ideas in visual terms, whether it's an insect landing on a treacle-covered head or people running blindfolded through the woods, but the ideas themselves aren't all that remarkable. Basically, this is a film about people who have exceptional luck (which is presented as both a commodity and a superpower comparable to telepathy or being able to shoot lightning bolts out of your fingers) and would rather apply their powers to weird contests than to buying lottery tickets or betting on sports, for example. Despite some indications of friendship and romantic attachment in the story, the movie is generally cold and has little emotional resonance except for the performance of Max Von Sydow, who lends gravitas and a sense of melancholy to his role as a Holocaust survivor whose luck enabled him to survive. Otherwise this film is mostly just a series of stylish vignettes that don't add up to much.