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Inseminoid (1982)
by Jeremy Wheeler review

This is one knockoff that doesn't take its time with anything -- at just 12 minutes in, there's action in those outer space mine shafts, with the first victim in this sci-fi horror tale kick-starting every cliché and already-stolen Alien plot point in the book. Amazingly, Inseminoid then does an about-face and moves into bizarre territory when the movie's army of astronaut buffoons is pitted not against a monster, but, rather, a raging, pregnant, and quite loony blonde in a sweater (Judy Geeson). What follows is simply a stage for gloriously awful dialogue spouted out of amateur actors, whose deaths are more a result of pure idiocy in their dumb-as-nails characters than any kind of suspenseful horror plotting. Also worthy of praise are the wonderfully strange dream sequences where "alien impregnation" takes on a whole new B-movie meaning! Director Norman J. Warren later went onto direct the incredibly inept stinker Bloody New Year (known for its brilliant video cover).