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Hudson Hawk (1991)
by Jason Clark review

One of the few would-be blockbusters dubbed as a turkey even while it was still being made, this failed Bruce Willis vehicle isn't quite the inept stinkbomb everyone groused about, but it's pretty close. Part of the problem is that the film is simply too busy for one picture, jumping genres in every other scene. Is it a comedy? Caper film? Action picture? Musical? Director Michael Lehmann throws in everything but the kitchen sink, which is semi-admirable, but the more devices the movie hurls, the more it just doesn't work. There's an occasional laugh, and the film's villains (Richard E. Grant and the always game Sandra Bernhard) are colorful, but the relentless bombast soon overwhelms everything -- and everyone -- in its path. Amusingly, a memoir written by Grant details Hudson Hawk's tumultuous production and appalling reception; he reports that, at an early screening, he was one of the very few people remaining as the final credits rolled.