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How to Make a Monster (1958)
by Bruce Eder review

How to Make a Monster (1958), directed by Herbert L. Strock, is one of the most wickedly funny horror movie satires ever to come down the pike, and it's so good, and so funny that one can even overlook the glaring hole in its plot -- that even if a movie studio were abandoning horror movies, there would always be employment for a top makeup man such as the one played by Robert H. Harris; they would never close the department, because all movies require makeup. But it's easy to jump past that to the devilishly clever and witty look at the movie business (which is filled with references to writer/producer Herman Cohen's other projects), and the not-so-veiled look at its cold-blooded nature. Harris, a stage veteran, looks like he's having the time of his life in one of his infrequent movie appearances, and the entire cast rises to the occasion of what had to be one of the cleverest scripts ever filmed at American International Pictures.