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Hardbodies (1984)
by Derek Armstrong review

Hardbodies is the poster child for the wave of dim-witted sex festivals that were unapologetically passed off as narrative filmmaking in the 1980s. Rarely, outside of actual pornography, has there been a film so unconcerned about plot in its hurry to serve up naked breasts. More accurately, many films have previously and since existed merely as an excuse for nudity, but few of such poor quality have actually reached an audience or achieved the level of general familiarity/notoriety that Hardbodies dubiously claims. Because it doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is, it's not wholly offensive so much as just plain stupid -- some might even generously label it "mindless fun," but they'd only be half right. As cheap in production value as it is in purpose, Hardbodies is a film that could have been made by total novices without any discernible drop off. It may hold some fascination for sociologists or film historians, existing as the ultimate example of the nominal beach-bunny sex comedies particular to the 1980s, which became a brand of exploitation film unto themselves. Anyone else would be better suited to duck into the adult section of the local video store; not only won't they have to fast forward to the "good parts," but they'll probably find better acting and more interesting story lines as well.