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Galaxy Quest (1999)
by Adam Goldberg review

Galaxy Quest is a surprisingly amusing send-up of cult sci-fi television shows and infamous "Trekkie" fanaticism. Setting a perfect comedic tone, the movie quickly establishes itself as a charming parody of Star Trek, opening in a science fiction convention with obsessed fans clad in Klingon garb. Director Dean Parisot (Home Fries) simultaneously embraces and lampoons the science fiction TV shows of yore. His purposely campy film never veers into slapstick, as the talented ensemble cast plays every scene with complete seriousness. Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver give solid performances, but Enrico Colantoni of Just Shoot Me shines as the nasal-voiced and lovable Mathesar. With his stilted walk and uber-cheery demeanor, he seems more like Jim Varney on Prozac than an extraterrestrial life form. The movie's humor works best when the illogic of old-time science fiction is satirized and the genre is turned on its ear. For example, Tim Allen's character is forced to navigate a potentially fatal passageway blocked by hyper-futuristic pistons. He soon discovers that they actually serve no purpose and are only there for visual effect. The movie also gains sudden life when a pimple-faced geek must use his vast knowledge of science fiction to help save the heroes. These clever moments, coupled with the enticing action segments (including a battle with a pig lizard and a titanic rock monster), make this an entertaining watch. Mistakenly marketed as a kid flick, Galaxy Quest is suitable for moviegoers of all ages, but fans of the sci-fi genre will certainly appreciate it the most.