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Four Rooms (1995)
by Mike DiBella review

A pet project for its four directors -- all of whom were discovered and became friends at the 1992 Sundance Festival -- this vignette film is entertaining, albeit in a sick, darkly humorous way. Each vignette features a different helmer: Robert Rodriguez, Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, and Quentin Tarantino. Four Rooms has an overall down-the-rabbit-hole feel with the pedantic Tim Roth as the buffooning bellhop minstrel unifying the four stories. Anders' piece is mostly hogwash, replete with a halfhearted cameo from Madonna. Rockwell's entry is intense, thanks to a little help from a potty-mouthed Jennifer Beals. Rodriguez, on the other hand, takes a page out of Tales From the Crypt for a disgustingly ludicrous segment featuring Antonio Banderas. Tarantino's culminating piece -- an homage to Hitchcock's Rope -- is fraught with hysterical tension and a nicely mannered Bruce Willis. A slimy, sometimes hilarious slab of rambunctious cinema, Tarantino's bit even includes the director himself, as a high-falooting blowhard.