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For Love or Money (1993)
by Karl Williams review

The boy-makes-rich formula of star Michael J. Fox thoroughly wears out its welcome in this comic romance that's like some sort of cinematic relic of the 1980s, missing only a heavy metal power ballad to be complete. Fox is his usual energetic, irrepressible self, playing a thinly veiled version of the money-obsessed social climber he portrayed in the TV series Family Ties and the previous motion picture The Secret of My Success (1987). The expected visual panache of cinematographer-turned-director Barry Sonnenfeld and an intelligently cast array of supporting players that includes Michael Tucker, Bob Balaban, Udo Kier, Dan Hedaya, and Fyvush Finkel can't mask the inherent flaws of a derivative, sitcom-style screenplay. For Love or Money would be the second of several such Horatio Alger-inspired motion picture plots for Fox, built upon thin premises and the actor's facility with the role of a greedy mercenary harboring a secret heart of romantic gold.