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Fast Sofa (2001)
by Buzz McClain review

Largely a character study of Rick (Jake Busey), a deranged, sex-obsessed, small-time drug dealer (he looks like he even smells bad), this fast-moving, quirky road saga is the cinematic equivalent of a cheap paperback that you can't put down. Rick is disgusting, vile, and foul -- a verbal assault on a pair of cops is particularly uncomfortable -- but he's as exciting as he is despicable. Papa (that is, Gary Busey) would be proud. The other stars -- Jennifer Tilly and Crispin Glover particularly -- are bizarrely captivating, and Eric Roberts turns up out of left field near the end in yet another inexplicably weird hairstyle to provide menace. Glover is at the top of his form -- he hasn't been in this much control since The Orkly Kid -- as the bird-like virgin confronted with Rick's extroverted lifestyle. The laughs are rough ones, and the film doesn't have what's considered a big finish (although it is thoughtful, which doesn't quite jive with the proceedings), but it's a heck of a ride nonetheless.