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Evils of the Night (1985)
by Jeremy Wheeler review

If Ed Wood lived to see the 1980s, he probably would have done something close to Evils of the Night, one of the most inept, dizzyingly hilarious messes of sci-fi horror cinema made hot on the heels of the early-'80s slasher boom. The first act of the picture plays out like a soft porn gone horribly wrong, with excessive chest licking butting up against a constant din of gratuitous nudity for the eyes to feast upon. What the viewer can hear of the jaw-dropping dialogue is precious to a tee, but good luck understanding more than half of it thanks to the pitiful sound mix that varies from scene to scene. The B-list celebrity cast is a whole other monster, with John Carradine relegated to a few moments of utter embarrassment as he mumbles indecipherable dialogue while rocking a wrinkly dime-store spacesuit. The rest of the shenanigans follow the usual slasher mold, making the second half of the flick seem a bit uninspired compared to the unending fury of wild moments that precede it. Also worthy of mention is the wretched '80s soundtrack that goes by the credo of the more echo, the better! Audiences that love to torture themselves with grade-D filmmaking would be hard-pressed to find a better specimen than this little nugget of clumsy joy.