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Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out (2005)
by Donald Guarisco review

A documentary is only as interesting as the footage it contains. Sadly, Everyone Stares: The Police Inside And Out fails to entertain or enlighten despite the ever-commercial subject matter of a rock and roll band due to this problem. The events captured here consist of goofing around between gigs and travelogue footage, interspersed with the occasional snippet of gig footage (viewers are never treated to a full song). Director/editor/band member Stewart Copeland tries to impose a narrative on it with some narration but it can't add the personal and emotional dimensions that the footage lacks. As a result, the film becomes odd going when Copeland describes behind-the-scenes tensions that are nowhere to be seen in the footage itself. The lack of narrative substance becomes more pronounced when the proceedings are padded out to feature length and by the end it's obvious this feature would have worked better as a short subject. Thus, Everyone Stares: The Police Inside And Out is best left to the hardcore Police fans – and even they are likely to have their patience tested by it.