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Enchantment (1948)
by Craig Butler review

Fans of star-crossed lover romances will find a great deal to like to Enchantment, but those who don't take wholeheartedly to this genre may not be so delighted. For the latter, Enchantment may come across as somewhat dull, for Irving G. Reis has directed the film in a manner that is perhaps a bit too deliberate. These same viewers may also take great exception to what they may perceive as the spinelessness of the leading characters, particularly that played by David Niven. Indeed, it is easy to grow impatient with Niven's character, who lets his domineering sister set things up and push him around without putting up a believable fight. However, those who are willing to dismiss these and other shortcomings will be rewarded with some carefully wrought tear jerking scenes and a delicious climax that should fulfill all of their romantic needs for quite some time. And all viewers should take a great deal of pleasure in Niven's smooth as silk performance and in the sheer radiance of the sublime Teresa Wright. Jayne Meadows, as the jealous and controlling sister, tears up the screen at every chance she is given, and Leo G. Carroll is quite appealing as Niven's right hand. These players more than make up from Evelyn Keyes' adequate-but-n-more niece and Farley Granger's rather unimpressive modern lover.