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Embryo (1976)
by Linda Rasmussen review

Embryo (aka Created to Kill) is a tepid, tedious science-fiction thriller which takes an interesting idea - a man's desire to create a perfect woman - and makes it boring. Scientist Dr. Paul Holliston (Rock Hudson) creates his perfect idea of a woman and grows her in a test tube. Victoria (Barbara Carrera), while beautiful to look at, deteriorates rapidly and becomes a demented ruthless killer whom he must stop. Despite a great cast including Diane Ladd and Roddy McDowall, the absurdity of the script, written by Jack Thomas and Anita Doohan, leaves little for director Ralph Nelson to work with. Rock Hudson does his best but is laughable as this silly melodrama reaches its close and he is left with the remains of his "perfect" love. All in all Embryo, like its title, was an interesting idea, which was never developed past its original conception. It would, however, make an ideal double-bill with The Manitou (1978).