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Easy to Wed (1946)
by Craig Butler review

Easy to Wed is an average MGM musical that, if not quite as good as its source material, Libeled Lady, certainly has a few modest charms. For an Esther Williams film, there's not as much swimming as might be expected, and that's unfortunate; while Williams was not really a bad actress, this is not one of the parts for which she was better suited, and a bit more time spent showing off her aquatic prowess might have livened things up. As it is, most of the livening comes from the extremely funny Lucille Ball. Though she lacks the warmth and vulnerability that Jean Harlow brought to the part of Libeled, she is at the top of her form, technique-wise, and when she lays into a laugh line, she hits it for all she's worth and then some. (She also has rarely looked more stunning.) Van Johnson is a bit bland, but not objectionably so, and again the second lead -- Keenan Wynn -- helps to take up some of the slack. The score is so-so and the direction is efficient but workmanlike; there are some smashing Irene Sharaff costumes. Altogether, Easy to Wed is okay but largely unmemorable.