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Dog Soldiers (2002)
by Jeremy Wheeler review

Dog Soldiers is a rare example of a horror comedy that actually works. It's Cockney trash-talking soldiers vs. werewolves plot serves it perfectly as guns blaze and conventions get turned on their heads in this high-action romp. Gore-hounds will no doubtedly be happy to hear that this sucker pulls no punches either! You get lots of the red stuff here, as first-time director Neil Marshall piles it on thick and juicy as our heroes meet these Howling-esque lycanthropes head on, armed with everything from kitchen knives to M-16s. And what werewolves they are! Bob Keen's practical effects are fantastic and even better knowing the small budget he had to work with. Dog Soldiers originally aired in America on the Sci-Fi Channel as a weak, cut up version -- to fully enjoy this sucker, you should sink your teeth into Artisan's R-rated home video and DVD releases. They're definitely worth a look, and for werewolf fans, it doesn't get any more fun than this.