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Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999)
by Adam Goldberg review

The Adam Sandler school of comedy may be considered absurdly lowbrow, but it is still astonishingly popular with the young generation. Sandler assumes the role of producer in Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo, a lewd, crude, and candidly rude comedy starring SNL alumni Rob Schneider. Fans of Sandler's madcap body of work will feel right at home with Deuce, a mildly funny and occasionally charming film with some memorable Farrelly brothers-esque moments. The narrative comes to life when Schneider cleverly confronts the dating scene and lampoons comedy conventions, most notably in a scene involving a narcoleptic date. However, a majority of the humor in the narrative consists of in-your-face flatulence, sex, and scatological gags. The film soon becomes a one-note affair of tired bathroom humor featuring an array of derogatory and stereotypical jokes involving the obese, the blind, and amputees. Rob Schneider has proven himself to be a successful comedian, but he simply lacks the charm of a leading man and has trouble carrying this movie. Still, the script by Schneider and Harris Goldberg does create enough laughs to make Deuce an inconsistently entertaining film that may please the dedicated Sandler aficionado.